Dangle the Ring - Book 2
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Dangle the Ring - Book 2

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It's LIVE but only on this site. Dangle the Ring won't be releasing until June 30th on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and B&N.

A hot, new romance by USA Today Bestselling author Elizabeth Lynx about a fake engagement that turned into something not so fake. What happens when a hockey player and a wedding planner kiss pretending to be in love and that kiss turns into something neither expected?

I thought it was a good idea to pretend to be engaged to my sister’s best friend.
Before you judge, hear me out. I needed the money. Okay, that sounded really bad, but Harper needed something too, a job.
We were both benefiting from the fake engagement. The only problem was as we tried to keep it a secret from our friends and family, the more word got out.
That’s the problem with being a famous hockey player and living in a small town. Word spreads fast. I guess I didn’t think that one through.
I didn’t think a lot of things through. But I was desperate for the money I could get by pretending to be Harper’s fiancé. My ex-wife took everything I had and trying to raise my son in a tiny one-bedroom apartment wasn’t easy.
I may not be proud of the lie I told, but I’d do anything for my little boy. Even pretend to not be in love with my fake-fiancé.