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Elizabeth Lynx Books

First in Series Collection

First in Series Collection

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Start Each Sizzling Series Now!

Get to read the first book of each of Elizabeth Lynx's series. From grumpy mountain men to grumpy bosses to hot rock stars, there's something for everyone.

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  • Grumpy + Sunshine

    When a hockey player who was anything but nice needed the help of his teammate's sister, the sweet-as-pie local veterinarian, to save his dog, he wondered if his secret crush from the past might be more than puppy love.

  • One Night Stand with Future Boss

    When a nerdy billionaire was pranked by his brother and trapped in a closet naked at a fancy gala, he vowed revenge. But when a beautiful woman became stuck too, he realized he was in the right place at the right time. When she disappeared after their fun time in the closet, he's surprised to discover nine months later that not only was she his new assistant, but she had a new born baby.

  • Trapped Together

    What happened when a grumpy mountain man's life was interrupted by a smart-mouthed beauty in a wedding dress?

  • Reclusive Rock Star Meets a Fiery Red Head

    He's a famous rock star having trouble finding his voice. She has a mouth that gets her in trouble. What happens when her mouth meets his lips and everything turns explosive?

  • Big City Bosshole

    What would happen if you took a quirky, cake-loving heroine that rarely followed the rules and made her the assistant to a wealthy boss that had too many rules to count?

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