Grumpy as Puck - Book 1
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Grumpy as Puck - Book 1

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The first book in a new romantic comedy series by USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Lynx about a hockey player who is anything but nice. When he needs the help of his teammate's sister, the sweet-as-pie local veterinarian, to save his dog, he wonders if his secret crush from the past might be more than puppy love.

My teammates call me Grumpy Old Man.

I get the grumpy part. It’s not as if I was ever the life of the party. But I am not old. Geez, I'm only thirty-two.

Despite the only partly correct nickname, there's two things you need to know about me. The first, I love my dog and would do anything for that crazy mutt.

The second thing, well, it involves my teammates' sister. The woman he told me to stay away from. What nobody knows is I have a had a crush on her for years.

Why am I telling you this?

My dog was in an accident and the only one who could save him? You guessed it. My secret crush who is the local veterinarian.

What did I do to thank her? I got her fired. Now my secret crush thinks I'm a grumpy jerk too.