Fake Marrying the Billionaire - Signed Paperback
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Fake Marrying the Billionaire - Signed Paperback

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Exclusive signed copy of Fake Marrying the Billionaire The third book in the Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires series.

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Dear Mysterious Woman in Jail Cell Next To Mine,

You're the one. The woman I am meant to marry. Me not knowing what you look like or even your name is no concern of mine. Well, maybe a little. But you sound hot.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. Let me try again. I'm a billionaire. Even the huge gossip site, Masked Eyes, calls me devilishly handsome and billionaire I'd like to bang.

My publicist is telling me to erase the previous paragraph, but I don't think I will because I want you to know that I got a lot going for me. Someone that many women would love to marry, but I am choosing you.

Will you marry me? No pressure, but I need to know soon. I have an inheritance depending on it.

Yours Matrimonially,

Hamish Blackwell

Fake Marrying the Billionaire is an opposites-attract, fake marriage love story. The hero has a very high opinion of himself with lots of money in the bank to back up those ideas. The heroine is a young woman on the autism spectrum trying to navigate the ups and downs of getting her first job out of university. If you like super hot billionaires and heroines that make them work for their attention, then one-click Fake Marrying the Billionaire now.