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Elizabeth Lynx Crew

Hi everyone! I'm Elizabeth Lynx. I'm an author of around 20 romance books and am a USA Today Bestselling author. If you know me and my books, then you'll know I love to write fun and sexy characters that get themselves into ridiculous situations.

I can't tell you how many ideas I have rattling around in my head for books. Too many to count. That's where you come in. I need your help to figure out which stories to pick for my next book. When I heard of Patreon, I knew I had to set up an account.

It's perfect because I can write these Patreon exclusive short stories - that won't be shared anywhere else - and get my amazing readers to vote on which should be turned into a book.

Not only that, but I will create unique and fun designs for stickers and merch to give out as thanks for your help with my ideas. Again, these items are Patreon exclusive and won't be available on my website or anywhere else.

I plan to do so much more than that. Like early ARCs and other exclusive content. I am so excited to share all these things with my readers. I hope you join a tier to get access to goodies I have in store.

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