Surprising the Billionaire with a Baby - Book 1

Surprising the Billionaire with a Baby - Book 1

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I never meant to get stuck in a dark closet, naked, at the holiday gala.


As a self-made billionaire and head of my tech company, the last thing I thought would happen was being pranked by my brother at an expensive gala. Instead of mingling among the crowd of potential investors, I was cold and alone with only some holiday string to keep me company. But then a Christmas miracle happened…

The door opened and a beautiful woman appeared. My savior. Until she stepped inside, the door swinging closed and automatically locking behind her.

Now she’s trapped with me. All we had was time. Might as well get to know each other.

I took the coat check job because it was a paycheck, but then I struck gold… a naked hottie stuck in a closet with me.

I may not be one of those “career-minded” adults you read about, but I was responsible enough to pay my bills. When my sister told me about an easy coat check job that paid, I was happy to spend one night in a closet.

But I swore that fancy, old hotel where the gala took place was haunted. Why? Because I heard the rumblings of an unsettled spirit back in the deep recesses of a hidden room next to the coat closet.

I went in that room to face the spirit, but then something crazy happened. He wasn’t a ghost, but a man. Not just a man but a naked one with a very large, uh, package.

All I had to say was, thanks Santa, for bring me exactly what I wished.