Living Hell - Book 2
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Living Hell - Book 2

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What could be worse than running into the guy who first broke your heart? Having to be his fake fiancé.

Iona Dell is the "It" actress of Hollywood. That is until a series of flops and a terrible accident has producers rethinking financing anything she touches.

She's hard-working, humble, and realizes anything good can be taken away in an instant. When her agent helps her turn her life around, Iona never expects to become engaged to the guy who first broke her heart.

Tyler Ferguson is the local sexy veterinarian. He's kind, always willing to lend a helping hand, but a bit of a flirt.

He's been saving his pennies for years to buy a home. Growing up moving from rental to rundown rental, he dreams of having a place to call his own.

When the vet finally has the keys to his new house, he's eager to start his move. But when he walks inside for the first time, there's already someone there. His very first crush.

He hasn’t seen her since promising his heart, eleven years ago.

In order to get her to leave, he has to promise to marry her.