Suggested Reading Order

Dirty Secret
This is a short standalone book that is only offered on my website. The reason it is top of my suggested reading list is in the story it mentions a character that you learn about in the first book of the Lost & Found series.
If you want to read about a plumber, working hard to support his daughter and willing to help his beautiful, wealthy neighbor by laying some pipe, then check out Dirty Secret.



Cabin Fever
book 1 in Lost & Found series
Runaway bride gets stuck in a cabin with a loner sheep farmer.
Living Hell
book 2 in Lost & Found series
Hollywood starlet goes back to her hometown and forced to live with the guy that first broke her heart.
Burning Love
book 3 in Lost & Found series
A grumpy small town guy agrees to go on a road trip with a big city business woman. She thinks she's helping his business. What she doesn't know is he's only doing it to get money to help his disabled niece.
Hot Dish
book 4 in Lost & Found series
What happens when a gorgeous billionaire embarrasses himself as he saves a beautiful woman from a bear's cave? She wants nothing to do with him, even if he moved to her little town and attempt to woo her.


Ruining the Billionaire's Wedding
Prequel to Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires series
When the owner of the resort, sent to stop the ex-girlfriend of the groom from ruining the wedding, but hires her as his new chef instead. Few people are happy, including him. Because needs to focus on his new hotel, not the sway of her hips.
Dating Disaster with a Billionaire
book 1 in Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires series
He's a celebrity and is falling for the one woman who doesn't know who he is, so he pretends to be an average small town guy. He wants to admit the truth, but when she finds out his brother is ruining her business, she won't want anything to do with him anymore.
Surprising the Billionaire with a Baby
book 2 in Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires series
He's been looking for the woman he had the most amazing one-night stand with for almost a year. Then she walks right into his office to be his new assistant. There's two things he hadn't expected. She doesn't recognize him, as it was a very dark room they both were stuck in that night. And, the most surprising, she's a mother to a newborn.
Fake Marrying the Billionaire
book 3 in Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires series
He's a handsome billionaire that's the most eligible bachelor. He needs to marry her in order to get his grandfather's inheritance. The only problem. No matter what he offers her, she won't marry him.
Kissing the Billionaire's Sister
book 4 in Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires series
She has a secret she can only share with the guy she's been friends with since she's been a young girl. He has a secret too, but it's something he can't share with her. If he tells her he loves her, not only will her brother kill him, but she'll never want to see him again.


Grumpy as Puck
book 1 in the Blue Ridge Mountain Hockey series
He's the team grump. But he has a heart. Like when his dog was in an accident. He would do anything to help that animal. Even have his teammate's sister, the local veterinarian, help his dog. He's been avoiding her, but not because of what she thinks. He avoids her because he's had a crush on her for years.
Dangle the Ring
book 2 in the Blue Ridge Mountain Hockey series
He's a single dad struggling to support his son since his ex-wife took everything. He'll do anything to land a sponsorship deal, even pretend to be engaged to his sister's friend.
Neighborly Misconduct
book 3 in the Blue Ridge Mountain Hockey series
He just bought the home of his dreams. From his humble beginnings, this home representing everything he could never have. Too bad that the one woman he hates with a passion is his new neighbor.


book 1 in the Price of Fame series
He's a rockstar in hiding. She'll do anything to expose him.
book 2 in the Price of Fame series
She's Hollywood's hottest It Girl. He's a wounded military vet whose heart is heart more than his legs. But when a beautiful actress moves next door, his heart might heal.
book 3 in the Price of Fame series
She's one of the youngest moguls in the country, but she has a secret. She's a virgin, and she has her eyes set on one man to pop her cherry.


Rules of Payne
book 1 in the Cake Love series
He's the boss that can't keep an assistant because none of them follow his rules. Until she shows up and causes him to break all his rules.
The Attraction File
book 2 in the Cake Love series
She's the office ice queen. He's the executive flirt. What happens when he sets out to melt her heart?
One Wild Ride
book 3 in the Cake Love series
She is an artistic free-spirit who likes to have fun with men -- in the bedroom. He is your average wealthy recluse, with a wicked mother hell-bent on controlling every aspect of his life. What happens when she sets her sights on him by breaking into his penthouse?
The Spy Ring
book 4 in the Cake Love series
A single mom accidentally marries an undercover spy during one wild Vegas night.
Royal Disgrace
book 4 in the Cake Love series
He's a royal prince running away from his title when he walks into her diner and pretends to be an average guy looking for a job.