Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires Box Set
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Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires Box Set

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Read about the hot billionaire brothers: Rock, Monty, and James. And the latest book, about their billionaire best friend, Hamish. As they all try to resist falling for the local ladies that are always keeping them on their toes.

What you get in this box set:

RUINING THE BILLIONAIRE'S WEDDING - An opposite-attracts romantic comedy.

Prequel novella about the groom's ex showing up at his wedding and the owner of the resort doing his best to stop her.

DATING DISASTER WITH A BILLIONAIRE - A mistaken-identity romantic comedy.

She thinks he's a coal miner. He's afraid to tell her his billionaire family is destroying her business. What happens when she finds out the truth?

SURPRISING THE BILLIONAIRE WITH A BABY - A surprising the boss with a baby romantic comedy.

She was stuck in a closet with a man during a holiday party. It was so dark she never saw his face and he left before she could find out who was the man that gave her the best orgasm of her life. What happens when ten months later she's working for him and he realizes her baby is his?

FAKE MARRYING THE BILLIONAIRE - A fake marriage to a billionaire romantic comedy.

She longs to contribute to her family like her older sisters. He needs to marry a twenty-one-year-old virgin to inherit his grandfather's money. He promises her a great job if she'll lend him her hand... in marriage for three months. What happens when she gets cold feet?