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Lost & Found Collection

Lost & Found Collection

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Start Devouring Your Next Drool-Worthy Hero

The Lost and Found series is about how opposites always attract with sizzling small-town heroes and the heroines that get under their skin... and their sheets.

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  • Trapped Together

    Olivia Love was living the perfect life, until one moment changed everything. On the day of her destination wedding, with the mountains as her romantic backdrop, she catches her fiancée with another woman and does the only thing she can think of - she runs. In her wedding dress. In the middle of nowhere. But when she stumbles upon a cabin in the woods, she finds more than shelter - a daunting mountain man, Carter Fitzwilliam, turns her world upside down.

  • Fake Fiancé with Ex

    When Iona Dell, Hollywood's "It" actress is forced to go back to her tiny hometown and runs into the guy who first broke her heart, she never expects to become engaged to him.
    Tyler Ferguson, the local veterinarian, was saving up for years to buy a home. But when he finally has the keys to his new house, he's shocked to find his very first crush standing inside, and to get her to leave he has to promise to marry her.

  • Total Opposites on Road Trip Together

    Bea Love is a smart and tough negotiator, always willing to do what's best for her clients. But when she meets Mica Angrov, the most demanding and hottest man she’s ever seen, her skills are put to the ultimate test.
    Mica knows that outsiders can't be trusted, so when Bea shows up in his home with an offer too good to be true, he kicks her out. But when his family's future depends on the deal she offers, he reluctantly agrees to take a road trip with her.
    With each mile they travel, they find that their attraction is undeniable, and it's only a matter of time before this deal goes… south.

  • Big City Billionaire + Small-Town Baker = Recipe for Disaster

    Chloe Angrov had one dream—to own her own bakery. But when no one showed up to her grand opening, she's determined to make it work, no matter the cost. Little does she know, the ridiculous billionaire who got in the way of escaping a cave full of bears—was the only one enjoying her cookies.
    Konrad Love was a big-city billionaire used to flash and excess, but when he screwed up helping Chloe from the cave, he discovered he had no idea how to help with anything, even a broken heart. He was now the laughingstock of the town and the target of Chloe's hatred. How will he prove to her, and to the town, that he's not crazy?

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